Military Boxes

TREPANFILS produces wirebound boxes designed for the military by these specifications:

  • MIL-DTL-46506E
  • PPP-B-585D

Used to contain and protect your product, they are made of plywood bonded with a galvanized wire according to your dimensions. They can also be dipped in a preservative and printed to your specifications. A webbing or rope handle can also be attached to the ends to meet your requirements.

The ability of wood to absorb a blow combined with the strength of carbon steel wire creates a constant inward pressure which keeps your goods safe.

The mixture of wood, carbon steel wire and ease of shipping allow us to remain competitive with other forms of packaging in the world. We can make a crate to protect any product in any size, shape and weight.

Lab tests comparing a nailed wooden box with wirebound box using the same load test have shown that the wirebound box has the ability to withstand twice the rough handling than the nailed wooden box. In addition, it contains 29% less wood and weighs 7.9% less.

Benefits of wirebound boxes

  • Ability to ship thousands of boxes knocked down per truck;
  • Flexibility of the box to absorb intense shocks;
  • Protects against the friction of metal boxes BWAY;
  • Possibility to adjust the box's tension for a tight packing;
  • Designed to the highest military standards;
  • High resistance to temperature difference.

Benefits of plywood

Why should you choose plywood over metal, plastic or wood packaging?

  • The weight to strength ratio of plywood compared to any other packaging material is unmatched.
  • Plywood is highly impact-resistant and continues to perform even when wet.
  • The cost to protection ratio is lower than any other product.
  • Plywood keeps its strength over time and protects products from many diverse environments.  That is why most of us use plywood to protect the roofs of our homes.
  • Plywood is a renewable resource that is harvested from managed sustainable forests.  100% of the logs are utilized in the plywood manufacturing process.  Nothing is wasted.


Their maximum protection, the ability to take rough handling and low cost mean that the boxes are stapled to TREPANFILS, the solution for many military and industrial supplies.

Do you ship missiles, munitions, rockets, or grenades?  Your product will always be protected. These elements give the benefits of the wirebound box, which surpass all other forms of packaging