About us

TREPANFILS is a contractor certified by the Department of Defense of the United States. We produce a wide range of wirebound boxes, military pallets and related packaging products of high quality.  Specially designed for the military, these products are produced to the highest military specifications and standards such as:

  • MIL-DTL-46506E
  • PPP-B-585D
  • ASTM D6254
  • MIL-P-15011J
  • MIL-DTL-2427H
  • MIL-A-2550B
  • MIL-STD-1916
  • MIL-STD-731

Recognized for our uniform quality products and personalized customer service,TREPANFILS has been providing services since 1976. Specializing in plywood wirebound boxes, these products allow you to handle your materials safely and at low cost.

Supplier of choice for several years, our expertise allows us to provide you with all your military packaging from M2A1 to TOW missile. We also manufacture packaging products for the industrial market.

Our mission & vision

TREPANFILS specializes in the wooden packaging manufacture according to the military specifications. The company is working to differentiate itself by the quality of its products that meet the exact specifications of its worldwide customers. Furthermore, the flexibility of its production offers quick manufacturing lead times and quality service.

To meet the requirements, the company has established business relationships and partnerships with other industries that are converging towards those goals.

Backed by its experienced team and those good relations, TREPANFILS aims to continue to grow while remaining a benchmark of quality and customer service.

Our values

Continuous Improvement
Every day TREPANFILS is committed to better achieve its mission. It is by understanding our environment, by innovating and constantly improving our manufacturing processes that TREPANFILS has become a leader in the field of wirebound boxes, packaging and pallets, allowing us to attain the level of quality and service we have achieved. By conveying this value within our network of partnerships and suppliers, the company will be able to respond effectively to the demands of its customers.

The company is committed to its environmental policy—respect for the individual and society. TREPANFILS aims to protect the environment of the community and to improve the lives of the community. Since employees are part of the success of the company, TREPANFILS aims to promote, motivate and recognize the contribution of each. Using the sense of belonging and pride, TREPANFILS values its employees by allowing them to exercise their sense of responsibility and initiative. TREPANFILS also offers its employees a safe work environment.

Customer Satisfaction
TREPANFILS puts at the heart of the business: customer satisfaction. In the center of decision making, this value results from the convergence of partnerships, business relationships, efforts to reduce costs and improve processes. TREPANFILS responds to customer satisfaction by integrating the specific requirements of each customer throughout the process.

Environmental Policy

As part of its environmental policy, TREPANFILS and each of it’s employees are committed to managing it’s business responsibly and in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

To this end, Trépanfils implemented effective energy savings in:

  • Promoting the purchase of equipment with low energy consumption;
  • Recovery of waste generation for air conditioning;
  • Promoting measures to reduce the impact of transport.

Trépanfils and its employees have at heart the protection of the environment. As part of its production, TREPANFILS aims to protect natural resources. Through an effective management system for raw materials, the company minimizes its losses. In addition, TREPANFILS has a gas recovery system minimizing the emanation of gases harmful to the environment.